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The Tiny Time Big Results Podcast With Yasmin Vorajee

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Apr 29, 2024

If you have ever thought 'I look so desperate or clingy or needy' when you're marketing, this is for you!

This is a topic close to my heart - as someone who didn't have a clue about marketing and selling when I first started my business, I'm now the person who is a passionate advocate for sharing your message and inviting people to come and work with you. That's all marketing and selling is!

And let's face it, none of the big brands have any qualms about marketing so why are you?

In this episode, I share why we need you to show up and why you need to show up for YOU!

In the episode, I share more about my 'Free Range Messenger' program - in this program, we will build a powerful marketing system that grows your audience, magnetises perfect-fit clients and gives you 10 hours back a week...

This 4 month private mentoring program is for you if

πŸ“Œ Marketing doesn’t come easily to you and it takes you a long time.

πŸ“Œ You're frustrated that even when you do show up, it doesn’t work.

πŸ“Œ You have very few marketing assets that work for you 24/7

πŸ“Œ You're keen to become more visible but lack the confidence and know how

πŸ“Œ You’d love to speak on stages and get podcast interviews but you don't know where to start

πŸ“Œ You're fed up because you're losing money (lost income) AND wasting a lot of time.

In this 1:1 program, you will walk away with a

πŸ‘‘ A magnetic marketing message

πŸ‘‘ An irresistible 1k+ offer (let's make your business lucrative, right?)

πŸ‘‘ A 90 day Marketing Strategy + System

πŸ‘‘ 5 Core marketing assets that will position you as an authority in your field, establish your credibility, grow your audience, heighten your visibility AND get you clients!

πŸ‘‘A low ticket offer that will get potential clients excited to work with you!

We'll do this work together in just 4 months and I am with you every step of the way - creating with you and supporting you.

Imagine how potent your marketing will become, how powerful your messaging will be and you get to enjoy 10 hours of your time back every week!

It's a 4 month program, the investment is €4,444 (pymt plan €1,197 x 4)

Book a Discovery Call:

β€œBefore I met Yasmin I was feeling frustrated! I knew about the potential to create an online training with my work and I wanted the freedom and flexibility and also the extra income but I was terrified to try it in case I made a mess of it and ruined my reputation. I met Yasmin and talked to her about it and she was so calm, convincing and confident that I would succeed that I decided to trust her and give it a try. She is a very warm, compassionate, caring and understanding woman who really gets what blocks people from doing this kind of work, I felt safe with her!

I hoped to get the hang of creating and selling and also delivering online training versions of the work that I already was doing with my one to one clients. After working with Yasmin I was able to create a cool online course that I felt totally comfortable with, and I was able to overcome my limiting beliefs and self doubts and actually tell people about it. I was tremendously excited when I immediately started selling places and just as she predicted, my course filled up really fast without any real effort!

Yasmin also worked with me to actually deliver the course because I was still very nervous, and she held my hand as I gave the training, which really gave me the support that I needed. I am now happily, easily and confidently delivering my courses and getting really great feedback, I have overcome the doubts and fears and I really feel excited about doing the work, I also know that I can attract the right clients and get paid!

The buzz that I got when the training was up and running and I was actively teaching clients online and getting results for them was and is indescribable, it is such a joy and I feel so excited and proud of myself, but also immensely grateful to Yasmin. I know that I could not have got to where I am without her, it feels miraculous and I would absolutely recommend to anyone who knows that they have something of value that could be taught in an online course but who for whatever reason doubts their ability to actually do it to work with Yasmin. She will guide and inspire and motivate you and keep you on track until you achieve your goals!”



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